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The event was organised in the context of two major initiatives. The first aimed to produce a "vision and sectoral pilot on skills for key enabling technologies" (hereafter "KETs skills Initiative"). The KETs skills initiative, launched in January 2014, is focusing on the current and anticipated needs of employers with regard to KETs skills and the ways to best satisfy those needs. The initiative builds on the work of the High-Level Group on KETs and their recommendations on skills. The e-leadership initiative, in turn, started in 2013 and focused on the leadership needs of top decision-makers and business leaders at larger enterprises. A further initiative on "e-leadership skills for SMEs" was then launched in 2014. It targets SMEs and start-ups. These initiatives have been launched DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (GROWTH) of the European Commission.

The conference offered an interactive platform for exchanging opinions and co-creating solutions on the skill issues in KETs and digital technologies and to bring together the representatives of all key stakeholder groups.


The event is supported by the EC in the scope of the service contract to promote e-leadership in Europe (LEAD)

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