Conference in Brussels on "The International Dimension of e-Skills and the Impact of Globalization" 26 March 2014

On the 26 March 2014 the European Commission Directorate General of Enterprise and Industry, held a high-level conference in Brussels on "The International Dimension of e-Skills and the Impact of...

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International workshop of the European Commission on e-Skills and ICT Professionalism on 24 – 25 March 2014 in Brussels

The European Commission has invited to and hosted this first international workshop on e-skills in Brussels. At the workshop, national and international e-skills experts (from US, Brazil, South...

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Expert workshop on ‘e-Leadership Skills for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises’

Effective organisations are demanding e-leaders who are both business and ICT-savvy. For effective e-leadership, the skills required are seen as those which enable people with very strong ICT skills...

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European e-Leadership curriculum profiles endorsed by European industry leaders

At the recent European CIO Association board meeting, unanimous approval was given to endorse the newly developed curriculum profiles that have been created as part of the European Commission ‘New...

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10 Regional Cluster Events on “New Curricula for e-Leadership: Delivering Skills for an Innovative and Competitive Europe” to take place throughout Europe from May 2014 onwards

Demand is growing throughout European industry to improve the quality of e-leadership, covering organisation leadership in ICT innovation to deliver business value. Research has confirmed a...

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e-Skills gap and digital jobs vacancies to increase - Potential for more than half a million unfilled new jobs for ICT practitioners by 2015 in Europe. To fill these jobs, many Member States need to step up policy action

In Europe the demand for ICT practitioners, with growth of around 4% a year is outstripping supply resulting in a shortage of 509,000 jobs in 2015 compared to 274,000 today. This figure could even...

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European Commission Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs

The Commission is leading a multi-stakeholder partnership to tackle the lack of ICT skills and the several hundred of thousands of unfilled ICT-related vacancies. With demand for skilled ICT workers...

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