e-Leadership in Europe: Call for Action from stakeholders

Despite high levels of unemployment, Europe is faced with a significant shortage of the people capable of leading innovation to capitalise on advances in information and communication technologies...

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e-Leadership conference in Berlin: Is Germany well placed to succeed?

The skills needed for rapid growth of SMEs and start-ups: a view from Germany "e-Leadership skills into the Digital Economy" Conference, 21 April 2015, EIT ICT Labs, Berlin This conference was part...

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Ade McCormack on Careers in the Digital Age

I have seen significant changes in the overlapping trends associated with the digital economy and skills. As the main author of the first edition of the "e-Skills Manifesto" (2010), I flagged what...

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Recommendations of KETs Skills Initiative tried out in France, Germany and the United Kingdom

The sectoral pilots aim at tailoring the recommendations proposed by the KETs Skills Initiative to the specific needs of three Member States, with a particular focus on the Micro-/Nanoelectronics...

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KETs skills priorities to be incorporated in new Work Programmes for Horizon 2020

The complementary study launched by DG RTD aims to provide the Commission with the analysis and recommendations on skills in the NMBP areas (Nanotechnologies, New Materials, Industrial...

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Example of best practice for young high potentials: Nanofutures WING initiative in Germany

Nanofutures is a funding initiative within the WING programme of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research. It funds research groups of young high potentials that focus on nanotechnology...

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ICT workforce increase in Europe – e-skills policy created the right framework conditions

The supply of freshly trained computer scientists has been slowly decreasing from 2007. In 2012 114,000 Computer Science first degrees were awarded. At the same time, the ICT workforce was growing...

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