e-Leadership and Key Enabling Technologies Conference Report published

This report summarises the key outputs of the first European Conference on Digital and Key Enabling Technologies skills which was held in Brussels on 1 and 2 June 2015.

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KETs: skills challenges of micro-/nanoelectronics through the UK lens

That skills shortage is recognised as the UK’s micro-/nanoelectronics industry’s most pressing challenge was confirmed by the sectoral pilot conducted by PwC within the KETs Skills Initiative. The...

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Do all workers in KETs domains need to be entrepreneurs?

Yes, claim the stakeholders, but in a broader sense. This is according to the preliminary results of a parallel study on KETs Skills conducted by PwC for DG RTD of the European Commission. The...

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What can Europe do to tackle the skills-related challenges in KETs?

The first step is developing a harmonised vision and action plan. Based on the analysis within Phase one of the KETs Skills initiative, combined with the outcomes of the KETs HLG Sherpa Group’s work...

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"e-Skills and e-Leadership Skills 2020. Trends and Forecasts" Working Paper, May 2015, available online

On 6 May 2015 the European Commission has adopted the Communication ‘A Digital Single Market for Europe’ which includes 16 initiatives to lay the groundwork for Europe’s digital future. In this...

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“Acquiring e-Leadership Skills in Europe” report, May 2015, available online soon

Published under the title “NEW CURRICULA FOR E-LEADERSHIP SKILLS IN EUROPE” (final report), the first results of the initiative on e-leadership are to be presented to the public in time for the...

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e-Leadership Skills for SMEs: Interim Report, May 2015, available online

This is the interim report of the e-leadership skills initiative targeting start-ups and fast growing SMEs. Work is in progress and is scheduled to be finished in September 2015 and presented in a...

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