1 - 2 June 2015, Brussels


The European conference on digital and key enabling technologies skills aims to become an interactive platform for exchanging opinions and co-creating solutions on the skills issues in key enabling technologies (KETs) and ICT and to bring together the representatives of all key stakeholder groups. The conference is organised in the context of two initiatives of the European Commission, namely KETs skills and e-leadership initiatives.

The KETs skills initiative, launched in January 2014, focuses on the needs of employers with regard to KETs skills and the ways to best satisfy those needs. The initiative builds on the European strategy for KETs and the work of the High Level Group on KETs and their recommendations on skills.

The e-Leadership initiative, in turn, started in 2013 and focused on the leadership needs of decision-makers and professional leaders at larger enterprises in the digital economy. A complementary initiative on ‘e-leadership skills for SMEs’ was then launched in 2014. It targets SMEs and start-ups.

The conference builds on the synergies between the two initiatives, and brings the worlds of KETs and ICT together by addressing the most relevant skills-related challenges.


This conference is organised to discuss with leading stakeholders and experts from government, academia and industry on the latest developments on skills for e-leadership and key enabling technologies.

Day one: Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)

The objectives are to:

  • Share best practices from Europe, United States and East Asia aiming to tackle the issue of skills mismatch in KETs;
  • Address the issues of the demand and supply of KETs skills and the forecasts till 2025;
  • Report about the results of sectoral pilots in three Member States;
  • Discuss a list of actions highlighting detailed recommendations.

Day two: Digital Leadership (e-Leadership)

The objectives are to:

  •    Share the latest forecasts on the demand and supply of e-leadership skills;
  •    Present the e-Leadership Scoreboard for all 28 EU Member States and best practices;
  •    Present the European higher and executive education landscape in the field of e-leadership;
  •    Discuss about new education and training opportunities and concrete policy recommendations.

Participation at the conference is free of charge but on invitation only. You need to pre-register to the event before receiving an official confirmation of your registration.




Call for Action

Senior representatives from governments, industry, NGOs and academia across Europe call for further action to increase Europe's digital talent pool and the number of e-leadership skilled individuals. They have drawn up this call for action to promote e-leadership in Europe.

Download the full document [1 MB]

Join them by endorsing their Call for Action here



Top News

“Acquiring e-Leadership Skills - Fostering the Digital Transformation of Europe” brochure and report, available online now (May 2015)

Published under the title “NEW CURRICULA FOR E-LEADERSHIP SKILLS IN EUROPE” (final report), the first results of the initiative on e-leadership are to be presented to the public in time for the EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL AND KEY ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES SKILLS on 1 – 2 June 2015 in Brussels ( and at The same holds true for the 36-page brochure summarising the results of this service contract.

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EU28 Country Reports on e-Leadership Skills for SMEs - A Snapshot and Scoreboard of e-Leadership Skills in Policy, Higher Education and the Labour Market

Country Reports on e-leadership have just been released by empirica and can be downloaded at: and These reports provide descriptions of national e-leadership policies and initiatives, higher education programmes and the labour market with a focus on SMEs and start-ups. A new e-leadership scoreboard is providing for the first time a tool for monitoring and benchmarking European countries on relevant e-leadership dimensions and indicators.

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E-skills and e-leadership skills 2020 - Trends and forecasts for the European ICT professional and digital leadership labour market

This empirica Working Paper has been released in time for the European Commission Digital Single Market Strategy calling for action also for boosting digital and e-leadership skills acquisition and learning to foster the digital transformation of Europe.

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e-Leadership and Key Enabling Technologies Conference Report published

This report summarises the key outputs of the first European Conference on Digital and Key Enabling Technologies skills which was held in Brussels on 1 and 2 June 2015.

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KETs: skills challenges of micro-/nanoelectronics through the UK lens

That skills shortage is recognised as the UK’s micro-/nanoelectronics industry’s most pressing challenge was confirmed by the sectoral pilot conducted by PwC within the KETs Skills Initiative. The...

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Do all workers in KETs domains need to be entrepreneurs?

Yes, claim the stakeholders, but in a broader sense. This is according to the preliminary results of a parallel study on KETs Skills conducted by PwC for DG RTD of the European Commission. The...

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