Rodrigo Miranda Beltrán

ISDI & internetAcademi General Manager

Rodrigo Miranda Beltrán is an IMPACT Accelerator comitee advisor and project mentor. Advisor and Partner at Duelia, Nuubo, Nomaders, Neupic, Reclamador, Key Talent, Wiseri & AlmiraLabs. TopSeedsLabs partner, advisor & project mentor.

Coordinator of the Social Media Module in the Master in Internet Business. Associate Professor at Instituto de Empresa, MIB, EOI, ESIC-ICEMD, Online Business School, Universidad de Catalunya, UOC and Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.

Shackleton Buzz&Press Ex-General Manager. Over 15 years in major responsibility roles in different Internet and Telecommunication companies in Spain and Latin America.

IESE Executive MBA in 2009. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Telecommunications Engineer. Telefónica I+D 2005 & Torres Quevedo 2009 National Innovation Award (Premio nacional de Innovación). 







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