Dr. Francine Papillon

Coordinator Minatec  

Francine Papillon is currently the Head of the GIANT (Grenoble Institute for Advanced New Technologies) Programs coordination Group at CEA Grenoble and member of the GIANT Executive Team. After starting her career in the applied metallurgy unit at CEA Saclay (1997-1998), she joined the Nuclear Energy Division at CEA Cadarache (1998-2001). She then was appointed as a visiting scientist at the Materials Science and Engineering Department, Carnegie Mellon University (USA), and became the associate Director of the Materials Research Sciences and Engineering Center (2001-2008). Between 2008 and 2012, she was in charge of the Research and Education Program coordination at MINATEC (Grenoble) (2008-2012). Francine Papillon holds a PhD degree in Materials Science and Metallurgy from the University of Paris XI (Musée du Louvre, 1997) and a MS in civil engineering from the Ecole Polytechnique Féminine (France, 1993).






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