Diederik Verzijl

Senior Expert, PwC Innovation Research Centre

Diederik Verzijl specialises in strategic policy research and advice on complex policy issues for both national governments and the EU. Examples of the EU studies that Diederik worked on include “Enabling Technologies and Open Innovation” project for DG RTD, “Extension of the European Cluster Observatory” for DG GROWTH, as well as “Regional Biotechnology Study” for DG RTD. Diederik is currently actively involved in the “Vision and Sectoral Pilot for Skills on Key Enabling Technologies”, for DG GROWTH. Also, he performs assessments that analyse the extent to which business strategies can fit with current and envisaged policy of local, national and supranational governments. He specialises in programs that encourage R&D and innovation projects, and has been involved in project development for international research consortia and multinationals, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, in projects ranging from innovative development projects to fundamental scientific research.






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