Željko Pazin

Executive Director of the European Factories of the Future Research Associations (EFFRA)

Željko Pazin is the Executive Director of the European Factories of the Future Research Associations (EFFRA) and Manager at the European Engineering Industries Association Orgalime.  

EFFRA is an industry driven association, promoting the development of innovative manufacturing technologies. EFFRA represents the private side in the ‘Factories of the Future’ public-private partnership (PPP), whereas the European Commission represents the public side. EFFRA develops research and demonstration topics which are then implemented by the ‘Factories of the Future’ PPP. The EFFRA Innovation Portal – a free and public service –acts as a match-maker and as an output monitoring tool of launched ‘Factories of the Future’ project.

As head of the EFFRA Office, Željko Pazin is responsible for the overall management of the association and for coordinating the private-side contribution to the Factories of the Future Public--Private Partnership, an initiative jointly executed by the European Commission and EFFRA. For Orgalime, the engineering industry association representing the overall interests of the Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Metalworking & Metal Articles Industries, Željko Pazin works on Legal, Trade and R&D issues and manages a small team.

He previously worked at the European Commission and the American Chamber of Commerce and holds a German Master’s degree in Business Administration as well as Master degree in European Political Studies from College d’ Europe in Bruges.








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