Sebastiano Toffaletti

Secretary General at PIN-SME

Sebastiano Toffaletti is Secretary General at PIN-SME, the European association of ICT Small Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). In 2007 he contributed to fund his organisation, which is the first European association of the ICT sector exclusively focused on representing the interests of SMEs. PIN-SME currently represents tens of thousands small companies that are active in the ICT sector across Europe. Sebastiano previously served as Director at NORMAPME, the European association of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) for standardisation, funded with the support of the European Commission in 1996. The association's members represent 12 Million SMEs in Europe. An Italian graduated Civil Engineer, Sebastiano Toffaletti holds a Masters Degree in Business Management from the University of Bologna (Italy) and speaks English, French and Spanish in addition to his mother tongue.




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