Tobias Hüsing

Senior Research Consultant, empirica GmbH

Tobias Hüsing is a Senior Research Consultant at empirica. He specializes in analysing and consulting on e-leadership and e-skills policies and labour market developments, as well as research, innovation and knowledge transfer policies, building on a long experience in empirical research, survey methodology, indicator development, foresight and scenario development, benchmarking and statistical analysis.

He currently coordinates the study on ‘e-Leadership skills for SMEs’ for the European Commission, which brings together several Higher Education institutions and other major stakeholders to develop educational offers for start-ups and SMEs to provide them with relevant e-leadership skills and qualifications for entrepreneurs, managers and advanced ICT users.

Tobias leads the e-skills supply and demand forecasting team at empirica, analysing industry and labour market insights and the supply system for e-skills and e-leadership education and training, based on research of policy and stakeholder initiatives and the dialogue between policy makers and stakeholders.

He has developed and implemented research methodologies and analysis frameworks in several large scale, cross-cultural empirical research and policy evaluation projects.

Tobias studied economics and sociology at the University of Cologne.


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